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Story of Legends (CJ's Chapter only)

By KarbaXan

This storyline is meant to act as a sequel to the original storyline of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (in an alternate timeline, different from the canonic one).

One week after the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you get to see Carl Johnson, Claude Speed, Toni Cipriani, Tommy Vercetti and Vic Vance settle their individual scores in the state of San Andreas, before, through a series of events, they meet each other and confront a common enemy.
Will all of them get along? Or will their epic alliance shatter? You will find out in the Story of Legends!

Note: This MP is currently incomplete. The other missions and chapters will be added as I complete them.


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Jun 11 '20


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Added by KarbaXan on Jul 17 2018, 22:46
Link to cover image: https://postimg.cc/image/8bh307g1n/
Added by KarbaXan on Jul 17 2018, 22:47
Link to modified gta3.img file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sx6nlxw927oc42o/gta3.img.rar
Added by spyderblack66 on Jul 19 2018, 00:03

Use modloader is recommended to install and uninstall
Added by Mirkisa on Dec 15 2018, 14:14
Okay so do i need to download the gta3 file because it saids that there will be tommy, toni and vic so it is probably in the gta3 file so do i need to install it?
Added by KarbaXan on Dec 15 2018, 14:47
Yes, you do. Just download the gta3.img file from the link and replace
it with the original gta3.img in the "models" folder in the GTA SA directory. However, make sure you back up the original file before you replace it.

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