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The Destroyed Factory - Complete Series

By GoldenWolf

Hello guys! Welcome to my first mission pack that I wanted to make. The name of this Mission Pack is: The Destroyed Factory. The mission pack is complete and I hope you'll like it. All missions are connected to each other to constitute the storyline so... Enjoy!

Story: Maurice Peterson and his cousin, Patrick Peterson (two boys which joined in the Brad Gang to replace Gerald Peterson, Maurice's father and Patrick's paternal uncle) had a job from their boss, Randy Brad to take care of his factory. Maurice and Patrick went to the bar to feel good thinking nothing bad can happen with the factory.. But while they were there, an anonymous person destroyed the factory. Maurice and Patrick tell to Randy about the event. Randy becomes mad because he spent 20.000.000$ in the factory. In this case Randy tell to Maurice and Patrick to make money to reconstruct the factory and if they won't do that, both of them will be dead. Will Maurice and Patrick manage to make the money and end Randy's fury?


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