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[MP] Age of Brutality CH1-M1

By Green Goo

Story: In year 2002 an ordinary guy with an ordinary life who lived in Australia named William Jones took a trip and traveled to San Andreas a city in America. He liked the place and after months, he finally got married and continued his life in there forever. But the city had economy problems, and after 8 years these problems caused a huge outbreak in the city everything went upside down in San Andreas, people had oppositions with each other and they decided into two factions fighting against each other and trying to survive on themselves. First faction which's called "The Governors" was a faction led by the federal agents and the second faction "The Suburbans" was a faction led by the remaining survivors of the ruins of San Andreas, and other people were persisting and surviving on the their selves. No one liked each other, not the Suburbans and not the Governors and they had conflicts with each other. William and his wife Chloe had a son named Aiden and he was just 9 years old, and innocent. They heard that a plane and its people which was a small plane was trying to fly out to Liberty City and live a peaceful life in there forever. The plane was full of people but it had a space for a 9 years boy, William and Chloe had one hope and it was sending their son to the peace. Aiden got out but his parents didn't make it. In liberty city after couple weeks Aiden met a friend Luke Maxwell, they liked each other and they became best friends but Aiden was orphan in the city and Luke's father was a rich guy so Luke invited him to live in his house. 10 Years passed, and Aiden was just thinking about his parents what happened to them or are they alive or dead? He in a day made a decision and went he and Luke looking for his parents in San Andreas to get them back with him and save them from the misery of San Andreas. Follow Aiden in his deathful journey into the ruins of what remained of San Andreas, and seek what is gonna happen to him.

They Say: "Walking Into Hell's Easy, Getting Out of it is Hard... Fate's Your Enemy And The Survival Instinct is The Enemy of Your Enemy, What Can You Do?"

The Alpha Demonstration Mission - Full With Soundtracks

More Info - GTA Forums: https://gtaforums.com/topic/923576-mp-age-of-brutality/


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Added by Caser on Mar 15 2019, 19:49
How did you do that in the mission "only remainder" the door of the cabin was opened as many times as the player passed?
Added by Green Goo on Mar 23 2019, 08:15
Thanks if you played this mission and commented (even if not about it) and about other things comment in "Only Remainder" mission page or comment in my profile, thanks again.
Added by Caser on Jul 26 2019, 21:41
Green Goo a question how do I change the audio code of my dyom mission

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