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Cowboys: The Tale of Betty Shore

By Target13

Cowboys: The Tale of Betty Shore
The Complete Series

After facing a close call with death, a mercenary sets out to find a new purpose in life and finds himself in the peaceful yet remote town of Betty Shore where he may find the redemption he seeks, albeit at a great price.


Season One: Welcome to Betty Shore
1-The Nomad
2-Good People
4-Old Friends Die Hard
5-Blood, Sand & Shovel

Season Two: Never Back Down
6-Not Beaten Down Just Yet
7-Davis for San Andreas
8-The Vice Within These Walls
9-When Castles Fall
10-The Last Day of Our New Lives (1,2,3)

More information: https://gtaforums.com/topic/920660-cowboys-the-tale-of-betty-shore/

Now Available
Cowboys: The Tale of Betty Shore Epilogue



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Added by Arlein on May 28 2019, 23:18
This is the best missions that I have ever played.
Good Job.
Added by Ramazan Berk Åžirin on Jun 05 2019, 13:05
+Absorbing and unique story
+professional expression
+good usage of animations
+action sequences are good
+The story was also not in the form of over. The opposite story always brings something new.(I might have written wrong)

-Cutscenes are too long(Sometimes a mission only consists of cutscenes)
Added by juanvagner on Jul 05 2019, 03:06
joga mudo bem o jogo
Added by Martinovich on Aug 24 2019, 16:04
Really good and intriguing story!! Remarkable Mission Pack.
Added by Wen on Sep 28 2019, 10:46
Muito bom ! perfeito cara
Added by SweeW on Oct 15 2019, 14:26
Added by Rhixz on Dec 08 2019, 13:57
this is the best mission i've played thanks target13
Added by Bivash on Jan 12 2020, 13:22
I like the horrors missions
Added by Miguel Viejó on Jan 22 2020, 22:33
Hola, descargo el archivo .rar y coloco las misiones DYOM.dat en su respectivo sitio y al momento de cargar las misiones en el Gta San Andreas, simplemente sale "misión superada" y no me permite jugar. Que puedo hacer?
Added by Benfikz on Apr 03 2020, 14:31
So Coooooooool ! I like the bikers gang
Added by Leo28 on Apr 21 2020, 03:24
Hello my old friend. How are you doing? I passed by to check how the DYOM community is doing. You know how i am. I always think about coming back. And when i do, i usually vanish afterwards. That's why i'm so afraid of returning to activity ;/
Added by (V)eteran950 on May 22 2020, 13:38
OMG, The best mission I've ever played!! I'll give a HUGE video on this mission!!
Added by (V)eteran950 on May 23 2020, 07:11
HELP ME!!! Why I'm getting mission failed??? In The Last Day of Our New Lives 1 When I need to defend the attack from the south
Added by AHMED KILLER on Jun 21 2020, 19:18
good mission playa
Added by PCLHzela on Jun 28 2020, 01:33
Best mission ever.I almost cry and good job :D
Added by IperfOne on Jul 28 2020, 21:07
Good storyline, nice i love it, but i thought that the girl is gonna kill Sean in the finale.
Added by kenken on Aug 31 2020, 13:58
your dyom is so beutiful
Added by ABU LOLO on Oct 23 2020, 18:18
Added by AbdullahBey3489 on Nov 14 2020, 17:26
WOOW I love it good Mission!
Added by _CRAZY_BOII_ on Nov 27 2020, 05:54
This is the best Mission pack so far. waiting for the nest tale broo. keep up the good work
Added by MVP_Gamming on Dec 28 2020, 08:33
XD Nice story, But I want a sequel XD
Added by lorenzogtasa on Feb 02 2021, 01:50
Added by Remi Baez on Feb 12 2021, 22:52
good job I love the story but the cutscenes are too long
Added by .RastaMan. on Nov 25 2021, 11:54
Very nice story, i like it

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