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[MP] What Pain Means: Chapter 1 COMPLETE

By RithRake24

What Pain Means is a brand new MP which explores the genre of 'investigation'.

Christopher Anderson is an experienced investigation officer belonging to the Las Venturas Police Department, who is famous around the State of San Andreas for having solved 32 cases of merciless, bloodthirsty criminals. When the Governor of San Andreas calls him over to Los Santos to look into an unsolved case involving a series of 21 brutal murders at Market Station, Christopher is thrown into a mystery of a bigger scale.

A case that appears easy at first, having a lot of starting points for investigation, soon evolves into a more mind-boggling affair.

Follow Christopher's investigation as he is finally handed a case that really tests his intelligence and mettle, a criminal who cannot be proven guilty by customary investigation methods. Follow Christopher as he risks the loss of the things most dear to him, his reputation, family, etc.


DOWNLOAD THE SOUNDTRACK HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/68pu7nkj8m7uwga/WPM_SD.rar/file

Chapter 1: The Ghost of Market Station


Mission 1: The Santos Job
Mission 2: Join the Dots
Mission 3: Finger on the Trigger
Mission 4: Target No. 22
Mission 5: The Ghetto Life
Mission 6: Street Thug
Mission 7: My Enemy's a Ghost
Mission 8: Back on Track

DLC 1: Dirty Drug Deal [MOTW #129 Winner, takes place two years before What Pain Means]
DLC 2: Manipulation [MOTW #130 Participant, takes place two weeks before What Pain Means]

Visit the GTAForums topic for more information: https://gtaforums.com/topic/923463-mp-what-pain-means/


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