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COTFL: A Toast for Vipers #1 - Prologue


Chronicles of the Forsaken Lands: Part 1 - A Toast for Vipers


A long time ago, in forgotten lands of the Pacific Ocean, lived people way beyond their time, but with the same politic methods of their historical era, divided in Six Great Nations who lives for a long time in harmony after centuries of war between the leaders of each territory. In the Capital, the city starts to plan the great meeting of the six leaders, who seeks to keep the peace between the nations through diplomatic conversations. In the Colony forests, the Young Prince seeks to form a new crew of counselors while surrounded by snakes who wants him dead. In the South, the right arm of the Queen of the Bay tries to conciliate the interests of her Queen and her own sister, leader of another nation and her main opponent. In the Tiger’s Lair, the Queen takes care of her King, weak due to an attack, while he tries to find trustworthy substitutes for the great meeting. And in the North Mountains, the King of Tall Town starts to plot an investigation against other leaders he mistrust. But will he be able to keep his cover in order to maintain peace, even if it means to participate of this whole toast for vipers?

In Chronicles of the Hexagon, there’s not only one playable character. Instead, there is many of them, who take turns in each mission in a way the point of view of each contributes to the story’s flow.


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