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[MP] BATTLE San Fierro (Remake)

By John David

It seems the old MP of Battle San Fierro I created in 2015, was pretty bad and the story was skeptical. But with this one. I'm now going to correct and add everything, based on the old story I made on the previous one. Also, the story, characters, and everything has been changed, suggested me back on Heisenberg_GR, thanks for him. Do note, since this is a remake, you'll see a new events, mashups, and structure directives or shortly as features will be implemented. Feel free to comment something about this, I'll give it a like and response for your questions.

1985, the year when the government of San Fierro was about to declare a state of hope of the town and to keep the peace. Shortly after, and unidentified person assassinated the government in no reason, However, in the return of the assassinated person on the place Saint Helen's Boat, Esplanade North, reported his priority was a success, and momentarily, a one man, Rolan Mangu began to sent and scattered all his army of unidentified terrorists all over to the San Fierro and to held all the civilians out there to rule the town by himself. In his inner thoughts, he will engulf the San Fierro full of hatred, anger, and despair and how it feels to distinguished it by many civilians.

Sheriff, an SFPD (San Fierro Police Department) travel and goes to the Spetsnaz Headquarters in Area 69, the final army of hope, directly report to the agent, Grekov Mateo, through to their base leader, Sagara Mateo, that San Fierro is going down by flames of terror by unidentified paramilitary soldiers called "Russians". Things will be getting worse. A new mission assigned for the agents. Alpha Team Leader, Grekov Mateo and Bravo Team Leader, Utopia Simile created an operation of diversity between scouting and rescuing / evacuating civilians to overcome the terrorists and save the town. However, things will not go down so easily as they travel to the most fearsome, and skilful terrorists they will encounter in the battlefield. It's a do or die.

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Chapter One has fully released. However, the project will be postponed due to lack of ideas by the author.


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Added by ME-4-GAMES on Jan 05 2020, 21:16
I've downloaded the MP and I'm going to play right away. I pretty sure that this MP will be good
Added by John David on Jan 11 2020, 13:00
@ME-4-GAMES - Thank you for playing, please leave a feedback once you are done.

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