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[Winner of MOTW #141] The Fall

By RithRake24

This mission takes place in the same universe as my MPs "What Pain Means" and "Old Friends Die Hard" (check them out on my profile). It takes place 5 years before Old Friends Die Hard, and 8 years after What Pain Means.

In this mission, Matthew Bennett is given a task to demolish the Wang Cars dealership and kill its owner.

This mission was designed exclusively for MOTW #141, which has the theme of "Wang Cars". You can participate too: https://gtaforums.com/topic/932063-motw-141/


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Jul 30 '19


Rated 6 times, Average 3.33

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Added by RithRake24 on Aug 03 2019, 07:37
Please leave a comment to let me know how you felt about the mission!
Added by Lendov on Aug 06 2019, 15:31
Added by Huzaifa on Aug 07 2019, 07:23
That was an amazing mission, really like the Gameplay. Just police siren interupt the whole thing. But in whole sum everything is perfect. Keep up the good work! :)
Added by RithRake24 on Aug 07 2019, 10:46
@Lendov Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!

@Huzaifa Thanks, man! You're one of my favourite designers, and I'm extremely happy that you enjoyed the mission. Also, I agree the sirens were annoying, but next time I'll avoid using repeating sirens like that! ;)
Added by da3ch alg on Aug 09 2019, 00:59
5 star.
Added by RithRake24 on Aug 09 2019, 12:07
@da3ch alg Thank you so much for the amazing rating :)
Added by ahmedhassen108 on Oct 23 2020, 09:50
I rated 4 stars and here's my review:

pros: the dialogue is pretty fun to read and the plot is cool and it's shame that GTA didn't make something like that, the audio files are nice but might get annoying if you took to long pass the mission which the police sirens are on the loop and the volume is high, sorting objectives is awesome and gun fight is fair but the wang cars manager is kinda over-health, plenty if smg ammo and good companion, the mission leaves with a cliffhanger which makes yo

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