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Revival: Season One

By Lendov

Revival is the continuation of the mission: End of the Grove. It's recommended to play End of the Grove first, so you can get in touch with the dumb story. But, do what you want.

Story: After the fall of Grove Street, Ballas have taken over Los Santos. Big Smoke and Tenpenny rule the streets. Almost all of Families' have been slained by Ballas and many are enslaved by them. With the Ballas controlling the city, drug dealers are everywhere. They are selling drugs to the civilians, children and even the police. Only thing that is left of Grove, is the small gang operating in Emmet's gunshop. You'll be playing with Josh, a determined guy who seeks revenge on the Ballas. With the help of: Bill, Bob, Terry and Sam, take back Grove Street for the sake of people. Complete your vengance.


Straps - Don't destroy your car and Headshot Only
Ambush - Destroy the Balla cars with only grenades
Sabotage - Headshot Only and don't lose your armor
Hold the Line - Headshot Only
Getaway - Headshot Only and don't let the van get damaged too much
United - Headshot Only and No Damage
Delivery - Headshot Only and don't let the Hunter damage you
Justice - Reach your destination without damaging the car


Sound: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v4UxDh3uM54KGbVYRognWorRh74dv72a
Copy the link to your search bar :)

Install: Put the DYOM.file in your "GTA San Andreas User Files"
Sound: Put the folder inside "Sounds" to "SD" folder located in "GTA San Andreas User Files"

Have fun and enjoy :)


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Added by Lendov on Aug 11 2019, 16:36
Add challenges so the missions are a bit more fun :)
The challenges are optional.
Good luck :)
Added by Lendov on Aug 11 2019, 16:38
Please play the mission before you rate it, and tell me what you think about it :)
Added by da3ch alg on Aug 13 2019, 22:14
Added by Lendov on Aug 13 2019, 23:07
@da3ch alg Sorry for waiting so long, dude. Forgive me :)
Added by Lendov on Aug 18 2019, 22:27
Update: Noticed the issue with the first mission and fixed it. Sorry about that. Please tell me if there are more issues with the missionpack.

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