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TKOLS: Chapter 3 - The Lone Foxes

By Martinovich

Chapter 3: Finished!

There you guys have it. The last chapter of this storyline.

Welcome, DYOM'ers! today is my day to create a new series, those series were helped by three members: Eddy4312, LODoesGames, Yasir RFL, special thanks to them, they were great!

Lance Reed is a mechanic member in Ocean Docks, LS. His work to get a car and upgrade it. Second of all, Lance Reed bored without action like shooting, race, and driving. He's 24 years old kid who loves his work. His journey will cause a lot of casualties...

1996, Los Santos
The Place where you can do everything, crime, robbery, extortion. The mechanic Lance Reed is working in Ocean Docks with his old buddy Ajax Sean. Lance likes to make an action, but he's not going to army, his life to get some wheels. You will follow Lance Reed's stories in LS, and he will cause a lot of misery

Topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/900593-the-king-of-los-santos-storyline/

1-The Lone Foxes
2-Family Matters
3-Making a REBoom
5-The Unknown Hitman
6-Antique Meeting
7-The Van
8-Dead by Being Alive
9-Killing in Morning
10-Los Santos Heist
11-The Corruption Thing
12-Blood by Blood
14-Las Colinas Basterds
15-Mad Los Santos
16-Backstabbing Secret
17-Fall of Lone Foxes
18-A Comeback
19-End of the Road pt. 1
20-End of the Road pt. 2

Martin: For creating this MP
Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: For creating a mod: DYOM
Seemann: For creating Cleo, without Cleo, dyom won't work properly.


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Added by TBG4S on Sep 06 2019, 21:04
I have download the SL but I'm not gonna play it right now. I will play Chapter 1 & 2 first and then I'll play this. :)
Added by Martinovich on Sep 07 2019, 11:10
Sure, make sure to give the feedback!
Added by ORANGE GROVE on Nov 24 2019, 19:52
The mission Dead by being alive when the player enter s the van the mission fails can you explain me
Added by Martinovich on Nov 26 2019, 12:11
The thing is, it's a bug. Try not to move a van unless he'll spawn on the car or out of the car, btw if there's a red marker on him it means that the SWAT member stuck under the car or sitting on the seat. Big apologies with this bug, will try to fix it. =D
Added by LandonSHOW on Dec 19 2019, 23:20
It's good, I haven't finished it, but I like it :)
Added by Creative845 on Mar 20 2020, 16:34
Did you have the DYOM V9 Mod? The question came to me, when I played the mission "Antique Meeting". I saw 2 different objects which aren't avaliable in DYOM V8.1. Can you explain me if it isn't? Is there another way to get more than 400 objects in DYOM?
Added by Creative845 on Mar 23 2020, 05:08
There are many missions in which these kinds of objects are seen. Can you explain how I can use them?
Added by Creative845 on Mar 23 2020, 05:11
The 3rd part is too much difficult and surprising. I love it. At the end, what do you mean that Madd Dogg said "Raymond wasn't a part of our deal".
Added by Stuntman632 on Mar 23 2020, 06:34
It means they're going to kill him, it was copied from Mafia 2, just watch the ending of it
Added by YourName 2 on Apr 20 2020, 16:56
nice ch.3 missions martin
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 05 2020, 07:02
I've enjoyed the first two chapters and this one too a lot until now... it's a shame I won't ever be able to finish it, for you see, "Dead by being alive" can't be completed by me atleast, no matter what I do, I always fail the mission just by entering the Police Van... Oh well, thanks for creating this story, I had fun playing it, despite I won't know what happened after that. Please, have a good day, and blessings.

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