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Sam's Way [GTA Underground 3.3]

By Specific Dude

This is my first time using this mod, so the first missions of the storyline certainly could be better. I tried to make a story in which you go through the three GTA maps. In it, you play as Sam, some guy from Vice City who is in the life. Sam meets Jim, a crook like himself, with whom he gets into an adventure through Vice City, Liberty City, and some parts of San Andreas as they ascend in the life of crime.

If the missions do not become available after the intro, the file order is below. I've had that problem and I don't know how to solve it. If anyone does, I would appreciate the help. And yes, I did give missiontrigger #1 the ability to be available from the start. Nothing happens. Anyway, I hope you can enjoy it and please leave me some feedback!

DSL File order:
1. Shakedown
2. Repo man
3. The garage
4. Pimping
5. Seasight
6. The buyer
7. Truck stop
8. Help Jim
9. Vacation
10. leaving vc
11. shop
12. Unfriendly
13. Moving in
14. Bad debt
15. Deal break
16. Heads up
17. The deal
18. The list
19. Contracept
20. Cleanup
21. White bird
22. ItHol
23. On the mov
24. Welcome
25. Chaufer
26. Off limits
27. Selfmade
28. Bitch
29. Blitzkrieg
30. Fireworks
31. Showdown


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