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[MOTW #153] TOD Remake: The Bad Son

By Huzaifa

- Total Overdose (Tale Of Gunslingers) 2nd Mission Remake : The Bad Son.

Specially Created For Mission Of The Week Contest

- [HIGHLY RECOMMEND] Download Complete Mission from Here: https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/142186-tod-remake-the-bad-son-dyom/

Mendez gives you a pistol and takes you to meet Marco the Rat at the El Macho bar in the Barrio Antigua red light district. Once he leaves you there, you will meet a girl, who after slapping you for some insult thinks that you're Tommy directs you to where Marco is. Unfortunately Marco has been playing poker with some banditos who don't like to lose and you need him alive!

Continue to follow Marco around the Roadway till the parking structure. Some enemies are on the way and more wait within. You may be tempted to head straight to Marco's tow truck, So just stick with him.

- Play 'N Enjoy!

- Hope You Like It. :)


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Added by YourName 2 on Feb 17 2020, 14:31
good mission pack
Added by Huzaifa on Feb 17 2020, 18:20
Thanks :)
Added by Ivek on Feb 17 2020, 23:58
Quick question, where did you get those character animations. Did you screenshot them in-game and if you did could you tell me the settings you used or if it is anything else?
Added by Huzaifa on Feb 19 2020, 04:58
@Ivek 121 Character animations available in the settings you can find them in Actor setting.
Added by Ivek on Feb 19 2020, 19:34
I know, but how did you make them look high quality like that. When I take screenshots it just looks so much worse.
Added by Newbie NOOB#9370 on May 23 2020, 10:05
My childhood favorite game is in SA wow thanks!
Added by Newbie NOOB#9370 on May 23 2020, 10:11
Just played and comment is "Uhh.. It wasn't made for SA" (TOO HARD IN SA)

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