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[MP] Old Friends Die Hard (SEASON 1)

By RithRake24

There's more to Miles Parker than meets the eye. The warehouse delivery driver is dragged involuntarily back into his darker past when he encounters an old associate, who has a job for him to complete. Being dragged back into his past means an inevitable reunion with some old friends...

SEASON 1 contains:

Mission 1: (Episode 1) Under Scrutiny by the Law
Mission 2: (Episode 2) Homecoming Part 1
Mission 3: (Episode 2) Homecoming Part 2
Mission 4: (Episode 3) Familiar Territory
Mission 5: (Episode 4) It's All Coming Together
Mission 6: (Episode 5) Mainframe Espionage Part 1
Mission 7: (Episode 6) Mainframe Espionage Part 2
Mission 8: (Epilogue) Season 1 Epilogue

Set your draw distance as high as possible for the best experience, especially for Missions 5 to 7.

Installation instructions:

Copy the DYOMx.dat files to your 'GTA San Andreas User Files' folder in your 'Documents' folder.

Copy the files (III.VC.SALimitAdjuster.asi and III.VC.SALimitAdjuster.ini) in the 'scripts' folder to the 'scripts' folder in your game folder.


Episode 5 Part 2 (Mission 7) MIGHT CRASH if you don't use a limit adjuster. I can't seem to be able to find a fix yet.

Since many GTA SA players do not use a limit adjuster, I have provided it in the 'scripts' folder in this archive.

If you encounter crash problems or need help with installing, feel free to contact me on Discord (RithRake24#2602) or send me a Private Message on GTAForums: https://gtaforums.com/profile/1131539-rithrake24/


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PLAYOld Friends Die Hard ReviewVikingEVMv2Feb 20 2020, 21:33
"Old Friends Die Hard Review"
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Added by zakarum (old acc) on Feb 13 2020, 00:14
i already played all missions of this MP. It's fantastic! 5/5
Added by VikingEVMv2 on Feb 20 2020, 21:35
"Old Friends Die Hard sets up a promising story with eight solid missions filled with well crafted cinematics and amazing mapping (especially Homecoming: Part 1). 4.5/5 pizzas. Mamma mia is good.
Added by Aymunz on Mar 03 2020, 12:22
I really enjoyed this mission!
The dialogue never stopped to grab my interest. Character's interaction is entertaining. The characters themselves are fleshed out and well written. I especially like the depth in Gavin's part; although he is spiteful, he has a good reason to revenge from zhan[spoiler] as he killed his son[/spoiler]
Added by Xronotype on Aug 07 2022, 11:48
i enjoyed this mission the last one crashed more than a drunk driver who's blind
Added by Xronotype on Aug 07 2022, 11:49
i rate it as 9/11 make season 2 pls

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