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(MOTW #157)The Slenderman

By Roxie

Here it is the horror mission with jumpscares, yes it has Jumpscares if you going to play the game with speakers then I Recommend you to keep your speaker volume low, real low it has jumpscares im warning you again ;), for best experience play with headphones or handsfree

archive file has mission and skin, put the "Slenderman skin" folder to modloader

Description: Kevin and John are the paranormal investigators, they have solved many unexplained mysteries and disturbing cases. They investigate the supernatural creature, who is described as wearing a black suit and reported that he can be found in the woods
-Mission has jumpscares handsfree or headphones recommended
-Don't forget to turn off your nightvision goggles when your outside (or you'll see green cutscenes)
-Have fun
Highly Recommended to play mission with Sounds
SD Files: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ptskks9enngv65b/ODKXX.rar/file


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Mar 22 '20


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Added by Huzaifa on Mar 20 2020, 06:05
Perfect mission completely fitted with the theme. Nice Audio effects, location was very wisely chosen, tremendous object placement. especially that skull poles.. Good luck in the contest. 5/5
Added by Smug on Mar 22 2020, 16:34
So how many days did it take to make this AMAZING mission?
Added by zakarum (old acc) on Mar 22 2020, 17:35
Congratulations on winning this MOTW! Respect +
Added by Roxie on Apr 25 2020, 19:08
thanks every1
@smug took me 1 week to make this ^^

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