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GTA: Retarded San Andreas 3 [MP]

By SweeW

I was taking breaks... having a slow progress on this thing, well it was worth it...
Welcome to Grand Theft Auto: Retarded San Andreas 3 [MP]
In this part, you will meet with something very epic! From stealing bikes from farmers, to watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventures with JoJo Fans, supporting feminists in their protest, escaping from Los Santos which is the 1st town hit by Corona Virus and to killing Logan Paul, NO KIDDING! WE EVEN HAVE SOME SOUND FILES: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/bdy31z95apcbb/Source_for_GTA_RSA_3
Crazy Villagers
- These are minor enemies at the start of the game. They are just some old greedy scumbags, and they don't like you because you are black.
JoJo Fans
- These are boys and girls who are watching the known anime ''JoJo's Bizarre Adventures'', they like the art of that anime, and like being gay/lesbian. They are friendly to you, but sometimes you can trigger them with the word ''JoJo is trash'', and they will try their best to beat the shit out of you.
Angry Feminists
- They like EqUAlItY they wanna be eQuAl... They don't like boys at all. They are neutral towards you, but when they go ape shit, they can be some deadly enemies!
THOT Police
Instead of real police, we got Thot Police! Those Law fellas won't give a damn if you kill over 2000 people, and blow up a billions of vehicles. They just want to know 2 things: Do you have a passport, and do you keep some thots in kitchen. Until you don't have a passpor or got some thot in your house, they will try to eliminate you asap.
K-POP Army
Instead of real soldiers, we got K-Pop Army! They are listening to JoJo soundtracks and some coolio BTS! Driving their tanks and trucks just to stop you, but also they got stunning blockades.
These are gangstarz from da real hood baby, don't mess with 'em! Logan's Gang Members are protecting him against you at all cost! There are classic LoGang Members, they look like typical civillians, while LoGang Elite Guardians have special uniform, and wear katana, in case if they are in group of three or more, one or two of them will have guns, while the rest of them will be equipped with Katana.
Want to play missions? Okay good, good luck!
Don't want to play missions? We don't care!


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Added by zakarum (old acc) on Apr 09 2020, 14:31
Hey SweeW! Welcome. I am sure to play this asap. :)
Added by SweeW on Apr 09 2020, 19:20
Ye ye, thanks fella!

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