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GTA SA : Grove Street Stories (Part 1)

By TheSingleGamer

This is my new mission pack. It takes place in 1998 and you play as 2 characters - Troy And Mike alongside with a friend called Kent.
Mission Info:

Mission 1 - Difficulty : Easy
A mistake: 2 checkpoints near the end of the mission got switched places.

Mission 2 - Difficulty : Almost Impossible to lose
Soundtrack - GTA V Flying Theme

Mission 3 - Difficulty : Medium
Soundtrack - The Tenements (From Bully)
A bug: During one of the objectives the soundtrack is supposed to play but it may sometimes not.

Mission 4 - Difficulty : Medium
Soundtrack - GTA V Flying Theme & GTA V We Were Set Up
Game Bug - Sometimes your allies may not follow you

Mission 5 - Difficulty : Easy
No bugs in this mission.

Mission 6 - Difficulty : Very Easy
A pistol SFX is used
Bug : Sometimes your downed ally may get up which is not supposed to happen.

Mission 7 - Difficulty : Easy
Soundtrack - Complete Mayhem (From Bully)

Mission 8 - Difficulty : None
Bug : I'm not sure, but some checkpoints may not work even if you pass through them, in case that's true here's what happens.
You drive your friend Mike home and on the way they talk about past events in the other 7 missions.

Hope you enjoy these missions!
If you did Rate please.
Just place the DYOM and SD Files in Your Gta SA User Files folder.

Download the SD files from here : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/s2aetqnr7b89q/SD


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Added by Keith133 on Jun 25 2020, 04:54
Nice Mission.
Added by TheSingleGamer on Jun 29 2020, 16:35
nice grammar there buddy.

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