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Grand Theft Auto: The 80's Stories 1


San Andreas, 1986 Zack Fosters came out of prison and starts to work with is best friend Henry Crawford, who take Zack to know the very dirty work. Among people who get him in trouble and between corrupt detectives and gang wars, Zack will have to try to survive in San Andreas and become the most respected criminal in the state. A storyline in rockstarian style in the beautiful 80s. Play this storyline with dyom 8.1 and install the modpack for a better experience in the game. Enjoy!


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Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 05 2020, 09:12
Hello, just played your story, and I must say, I wasn't dissapointed with what I saw. Zack's character model was very cool, and I loved the detail you used in the different models of weapons, cars, and especially the phone.

The story... well, it was kinda simple, it reminded me a lot of GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories, if you allow me to make a suggestion, maybe you could try to deepen the story of how Henry and Zack meet eachother, so the player is able to care for him and form a bond with b
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 05 2020, 09:14
a bond with both of them, because atleast me, I got the feeling and impression they could betray eachother in any second, just like what happened with Lance Vance.

Another thing you could show us, is how and why Zack was in prison, I got curious about it. And lastly, about Zack's model... you should try to replace it with one of the Storyline characters, so we don't see it on the streets during missions, same with Henry. Overall, a very cool story, with a Vice City feeling to it, I hope to one da
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 05 2020, 09:15
I hope to one day, see what will happend with both Zack and Henry once again, take care and wish you a lot of luck in your future projects! 5/5 PS: Sorry for the 3 comments, but I wanted to tell you all I felt about it.
Added by D103FCHANNEL on Jul 05 2020, 10:50
Thanks Miguel for the 5 stars! Yea the story is like Gta VC and VCS but in San Andreas, in the future maybe change something. Today i start the part 2. Thanks for the comments and the rating!
Added by D103FCHANNEL on Jul 05 2020, 10:55
Anyway for Zack character and Henry they spawn in rich zone. Because i replace with rich people.

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