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Grand Theft Auto: The 80's Stories 4


San Andreas, 1986 Zack Fosters came out of prison and starts to work with is best friend Henry Crawford, who take Zack to know the very dirty work. Among people who get him in trouble and between corrupt detectives and gang wars, Zack will have to try to survive in San Andreas and become the most respected criminal in the state. A storyline in rockstarian style in the beautiful 80s. Play this storyline with dyom 8.1 and install the modpack for a better experience in the game. Enjoy!


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Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 10 2020, 17:57
Wow... just... wow. Mate, I don't know how to express myself. This is the fourth and last chapter of the campaing, and it saddens me to see that Zack's adventures have ended. But it was amazing.
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 10 2020, 17:57
For the first time, the big ass HP bar you gave him was useful in the first mission due to the ballas that were there on his house, lol. The second mission about the informant in the motel was fine, gave me nostalgia about me creating my own mission a month ago. The third one about the junkyard was fine too, but I expected it to be a trap, since Stone's an asshole and knows no honor.
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 10 2020, 17:57
But the fourth one... man, the fourth one was incredible! the music you used was so, so cool! and the way both Zack and Henry rode those bikes to Palomino Creek while it sounded, it was amazing, I truly felt like I was playing a 80's game!
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 10 2020, 17:57
Killing detective Pettinson felt really good, specially the part of the sniper one, but sadly, I think he should've had more life, make the fight more hard, I don't know, maybe make him and Zack talk around the house as they searched for eachother? it wasn't bad, but it could've been better.
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 10 2020, 17:58
The final mission was epic as hell, really. But the starting scene before the chase could've been better, yeah, I know what happened -let's not say it here so we don't spoil the plot for the others- but really, you should've put the actor in "hold position" so he didn't moved. I liked a lot the final battle, but maybe you should've put it on night mode with rain, to give it a more epic feeling, you know what I'm saying?
Added by Miguel16310 on Jul 10 2020, 17:58
The epilogue was... sad, but the last scene could've been better with a dialogue from Zack, really, something about loneliness... well, that's all. I really enjoyed this campaing, the mods and the story it had, but it kinda makes me sad, because I got attached to Zack as a protagonist, he's very loyal and likable, you really did a good job on this one, my respects, and see you later one day. Good luck in your future projects.
Added by D103FCHANNEL on Jul 11 2020, 19:50
Miguel thanks for playing and rating. Yea for detective Pettinson death was easy, the last battle yea i can have put the rain but i prefere took the battle on sunny day. Anyway i'm working in a new storyline wich is San Andreas Stories. I did it one years ago but he came out horrible so i decide to remake it in different mode. I hope when he came out you play it. Anyway thank you for the rating and playing the mission.
Added by Male01 on Jul 31 2020, 17:58
Hi, I'm an Argentine. I wanted to ask you if you could get the Spanish version, obviously if you can
Added by D103FCHANNEL on Sep 08 2020, 12:30
Hey Male01, unfortunately i can't I'm busy in this days. I'm sorry.

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