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The Ghetto Streets

By Ligites

The year's 2003. Racism and crime are everywhere. People are getting murdered on the streets. Young boys are joining gangs. An average gangster doesn't get to live to his 20s. So, why do young boys bang? People can find this relaxing, pleasing and actually enjoying it. However, one street is riddled with crime, Grove Street. Two little gangs battle over the street with baseball bats, knives and shovels. Until Terrence Vendetta and his brother, Carl Vendetta, take matters into their own hands. You play as Terrence, who wants to stop the fight by winning it.

[[This was originally going to be a storyline, not a mission pack, I had troubles with uploading it normally]]


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Added by Andriuxa on Aug 01 2020, 18:02
This was an awesome mission pack!
I really enjoyed the story!
I hope you make more mission packs in the future
Added by Ligites on Aug 01 2020, 22:45
@Andriuxa thank you! And I just started on a new mission pack! If you find any bugs in this mission pack, be sure to give me a comment! Thanks for the support!
Added by Andriuxa on Aug 02 2020, 09:28
I forgot to say this but during chapter 1 mission 6 the game crashes during that cutscene under the bridge (atleast for me).
No other bugs besides that.
Added by Robert17 on Aug 02 2020, 22:12
For some reason my game crashes at one of the cutscenes in grove street in the mission "Night out on the streets"
Added by Ligites on Aug 03 2020, 01:39
@Andriuxa Uh, I have no idea why it does that, I didn't have any bugs while i was playing through it.

@Robert17 As I said, I had no bugs while playing through it, I had my brother test play through the mission pack and his game didn't crash once. DYOM does that sometimes.
Added by Skander Blade on Aug 05 2020, 22:07
Wow... great missionpack but sad ending.

Loved it.
Added by Ligites on Aug 06 2020, 14:41
@Skander Blade thank you! Stay tuned for more mission packs! And the ending was designed that way!
Added by Andriuxa on Aug 09 2020, 13:23
Are you gonna release your next mission pack sometime soon?
Added by Ligites on Aug 09 2020, 17:54
@Andriuxa I've finished working on the missions on paper. I'm currently looking for skins. I'll start working on it as soon as I have my skins, which will be probably in two weeks, as I'll take the next weekend off and I need to go through a site full of GTA SA styled skins.

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