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[SL] Who Will Survive?

By xBlade032

In a world where the crimes rule, there's no way you can stay out of it. Sean Jefferson decided to retire from the criminal world a few years ago, however, his best friend, Michael Kennedy, drags him down to the world he left again. With most of his friend being gone, he'll have to get used to that life again. Due to his friend's attitude he's going to get in a lot of troubles, who will survive?

• Introduction
• Forget It
• Blocked
• Deep Troubles
• Aereal Hit
• Relaxed Death
• Highjacking
• Scoping the Bank
• Fast and Furious
• The Heist
• Agents in War
• Outlaw Bikers
• Break Out
• Farewell, my Friend...
• Was That It?
• ... And Your Enemies Closer
• Home Raid
• One Man Army
• Epilogue

Note: to enjoy it more, please play it without Addon, because Addon has a bug which removes slow motion if the player aims a gun, this bug isn't present in DYOM 8.1.


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Oct 16 '20


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PLAYWho Will Survive? [Trailer]xBlade032Aug 02 2020, 10:38
"Who Will Survive? [Trailer]"
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Added by ATZEI on Aug 06 2020, 21:23
how this only have 13 download...
Added by ThatDYOMdude1 on Oct 15 2020, 16:29
there were a few typos, but not alot of them, some missions were hard and intense (just like The Cojones in The Varrios MP) the gameplay was mostly Drive from Point A to Point B and others involved killing, the outro was well planned and you were playing from the main protaginist to the other one (I won't spoil it)

and here is a brief
Gameplay: 9.5/10
Cutscenes/Dialogue: 7.5/10

Good Storyline mane :D

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