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Body Count (MP)

By Stardust101

In 1994, notorious criminal Thomas Benson is caught and sentenced to death. However, LSPD Chief of Police Wilbert Jones learns about Benson's shooting abilities and uses him to rid Los Santos from all gangs and criminal organizations.


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Jan 06 '21


Rated 4 times, Average 3.5

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Added by RaXo (old account) on Jan 06 2021, 16:10
Sounds interesting.
Added by RaXo (old account) on Jan 06 2021, 17:02
An average missionpack on this website, story was ok, grammar and spelling was good,
Added by RaXo (old account) on Jan 06 2021, 17:03
but it was pretty short, and all missions there is just 20 objectives. 3/5
Added by Stardust101 on Jan 06 2021, 19:46
Thanks for the recent comments! Body Count is my first ever published project! If you can give me feedback that would amazing!
Added by Thunder0515 on Jan 07 2021, 06:34
Great work! 4 stars. It's short, but engaging. I saw almost no grammar mistakes. The ones i saw are minor.
Added by Danio on Jan 15 2024, 20:00
Whole police department had to be shut down so benson can talk to chief of police, also that walkie talkie talking to em from 2 feet away lmao. I liked it lol

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