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A Restless Life - Ch 1,2,3,4

By GoldenWolf

Hello guys! After finishing The Destroyed Factory mission series, I am back with the first 4 chapters of my new mission series called 'A Restless Life'. I hope you'll enjoy playing it!

Peter Ryans works at the Las Venturas Mechanic Company since 5 years lead by his boss: Jordan Thum being the best mechanic from the company and having a good relasionship with his boss. The relation between Peter and Jordan and Peter's position are destroyed after the appearence of Lance Paul, the new member of the Mechanic Company. Lance want to take Peter's position in the Company and trying to have a better relation with Jordan than Peter. Lance become very good friend with Jordan and favored by him. Lance start to insult Peter and in this case they start to argue. Jordan take Lance's part and start a conflict with Peter. In the same day Peter has a job to repair a car, Lance mess up the car and it start to explode. Lance blames Peter for the mess and Jordan believe him. In this case Jordan say that he can't resist and kick Peter out from the company for being rude and clumsy. Peter becomes mad and call his friend: Max Norman to tell him about the event. Max is a criminal and has an idea to kill Jordan and Lance to take revenge for what they did. Peter is agree with Max, he kills Lance and Max kills Jordan. But after they kill Jordan and Lance very bad things are ready to happen.

Peter Ryans (the protagonist)
Jordan Thum
Lance Paul
Max Norman
Luke Preston
Nick Slade
Theodore Richards
Kevin Tibitt
Jeremy Vince
Erika Vince
Joey Hughes
Steve Brown
Leonardo Rodriguez
Freddy Moon
Sean Jones
Albert Reed
Wade Nixon


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