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GTA Grove Stories 2: Revenge

By Creative845

Max Hazen got shot by a ballas member infront of his young brother; Peter David. In 1991, a few weeks later after his funeral, he bumped into Sweet and joined the Grove Street Families. He teached David, how to shoot, how to face your fear. He was getting dependent on him. On a driveby, the Johnson Brothers came to know about David. One day, Kendl wants someone to drop her a Cesar's home and there was an ambush that David managed to handle but Cesar was disappointed from what he did. But, he forgave him. He was late another day to join Sweet and his men at the Glen Park Gang war. He lost the battle but he understood "Victory always comes after failures." David meanwhile found a new friend; Henry Jones. He was also a reliable man of Sweet. When David rescued Kendl from what he did days ago, Carl was jealous of him but Sweet managed it. But, the Operation Direction changed the whole story. Carl went out of mind and decided to make an agreement. Brian found everything but he was late to rescue him. So, he went to get Henry's help because he's the only one who can help David. David also managed to escape and came to knew about everything. He managed to get Carl and he injured him. Carl realized that he made a mistake and the only solution for that mistake is to leave Los Santos until the problem is resolved. David managed to get his revenge but he failed in his life.


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