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[MOTW #184] - Family Uplink

By lascha2nd


This mission originally planned to be in MOTW #179 - Disguise Theme (https://gtaforums.com/topic/969597-motw-179/) but never came out to design it until I decide to make it around 29th April. Anyway, this mission are short so I won't assure if you have a lot of fun with it or not...


In 1992, there's a family called Perno Del Re Family, the family are small but play big role at crimes where family transfer drug from Los Santos to Las Venturas without knowing anyone except buyer itself. They play smart until 3rd September 1992 at San Fierro where LSPD and SFPD made a plan by going undercover & become buyer and attempted arrest the dealer at 01:00 AM night time. The dealer itself named Angelo Rossa, a professional hitman who fight but unfortunately for him he was outnumbered by numberous police and ends up surrender for his own life, however his partner ran away in order to survived since they can't survived that chaos. They ran away miles away for days by carjacking to go back Los Santos and start planning to get him out of there, they act fast because they know Angelo will transfer to another state of prison since he did a lot of crimes and his bounty are high. But he need to be interograted first to know what exactly family doing in the future so they temporary keep him at LSPD HQ for questioning. And at 5th September 1992, this is where partner start acting...


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