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[BS1.3] Los Sepulcros

By Creative845

Mike visted the drug factory and parked his vehicle nearby one of the drug containers. Lance was repairing his car and went to get something. Who knows Mike was there to blow up the factory. He was planting the bomb behind Lance's car. Lance came there and expected something fishy. When he find out that Mike's back-stabbing the Rifa, Mike killed him. The Rifa got hostile to him and he escaped from the drug factory. The Drug factory blew up and all the drugs were burnt down. Days later, Casey, Diaz, Don and a few Rifans came to Lance's funeral's. Diaz was worried and in stress from this kind of situation. Now they want Mike dead. Don was telling him that he knows a buyer but he needs a lot of money and someone has to pay it. But, the buyer will sell the goods only to the person who owns the drug factory. Which means, the person who owns the drug factory has to pay a lot of money to the buyer. Don wants to own the drug factory by that means but Casey came between his words and asked to help him with all his money. Diaz agreed on Casey's suggestion. Meanwhile, the grove boys wanted revenge from Casey and Edward that they killed a lot of their homies. The cementry was ambushed and they were about to die but the scene went opposite. Edward popped there and sniped out the enemies. He linked up with Casey and surprised him with this. Diaz, Don and Casey took Lance's coffin to their home-town, safely. After that, Casey had a little discussion with Edward.
I forgot to put the Elite Trophy objectives again. Here they are:
Accuracy - Finish with 60% or more accuracy.
Headshots - Get 20 Headshots.
Time - Complete the mission within 10 minutes.


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Added by Uber8982 on Jul 29 2021, 19:46
Really like this mission!!!
Added by Creative845 on Jul 30 2021, 19:05
@Uber8982 The story is about to get twisty. Make sure you download it after my uploadings.
Added by Creative845 on Jul 30 2021, 19:07
@Uber8982 By the way, what is the reason behind your like to this mission?
Added by Korpa on Aug 22 2021, 09:56

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