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[BS1.3] Milton Down

By Creative845

Edward came to know that the Mafia had caught the person who have blown up their factory but they came into a misunderstanding. The person they caught was Milton not Mike because of his outfit matching with Mike, the Mafia expected him as the traitor. They took him to the Don's farm-house. Edward decided to give this news to Casey because he would blame himself about his brother's death if he don't and It would be disappointing his character. Edward before telling the news to Casey, he called Mike for help. Edward took Casey to the farm-house. Casey was surprised to see Mike there and started to create a rival relationship with Mike. But, Mike doesn't even know that Casey knows about his traitor activity or not. Casey sided with Mike once because Mike was helping him in rescuing Milton out of the Mafia. The 3 protagonists successfully saved Milton and Mike disappeared from the farm-house. He dropped Edward and then visted the Blue Brothel for talking to the Don. Don; on the other hand was upset with him too because he killed a lot of his men. Don was disappointed when he found that Milton wasn't the traitor. But, he asked that did he rescued Milton alone or was someone else was with him? He told about the crew. Don doesn't have a problem with Mike but he want Edward dead now because by no means Edward doesn't have any proof to be innocent against Don. After that, Wei Cheng's call appeared on Casey's phone. He was giving Casey a favour just because he helped him alot on his tasks. He told him that Mike was involved with the Mafia and the Don is in greed of taking over the business of the Rifa and that's how there's a choice for you to kill either Mike or Edward. The descion's upto you, the endings are gonna be uploaded soon.


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