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[BS1.3] {Finale} Ending A - Kill Mike

By Creative845

Casey decided to kill Mike in order to make Don and Diaz pure allies again. Mike came to see him and pulls out his gun when Casey point his at him. Casey has got no choice, he has to do it for the sake of the contract. Mike on the other way turned his dark pressurized-mind into eye-opening mind. A Mafian pops up behind Mike and tried to kill him but Casey killed the Mafian. They saw more of them arriving here, which means Don has heard everything and wanted both Mike and Casey dead. They battled their way to the exit and they saw Don escaping. They chased him but on the way someone gave them company. He stopped at the Whetstone Junkyard. Mike and Casey battled their way to Don, Mike want Don dead that moment desperately that he injured himself by Don. Don tried to escape but Casey finished him. After 12 hours, Diaz saw both of them at the brothel. Casey convinced Diaz to forgive him, so did Mike, but a little. Diaz forgave Mike and took him back into his gang, and the story ended.


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