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Codename: M316

By M316

Special MOTW #200 teams mission
Made by me, Toriality, zakarum5835, and SeanAlgerian.
Also special thanks to DarkMorgan for a small addon

Darth Eagles is back at it once again this time assigning a deep and crucial operation to their biggest and most skilled Agent: M316. Watch him infiltrate bases, eliminating opposition, and executing a proper operation sucessfully, play and witness for the full experience.


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Jan 06 '22


Rated 4 times, Average 3.75

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Added by Yasir RFL on Jan 06 2022, 16:40
3/5 guys...
This was just insane. It had a lotta mistakes tho, like it was super hard like without cheats this mission is impossible.
The skydiving with countdown troubled me a lot and the Patriot was like super Patriot or something. The scientist was easy to kill but the shotgun guy, he troubled a lot as welll, cant even kill him cause it failed the mission. And atlast the Juggernaut, took me half an hour to kill him without cheats.

It was not bad but it could have been better, it was good mission.
Added by John David on Jan 08 2022, 04:13
Congratulations M316 and your fellow members who works this amazing masterpiece and winning this in the contest? My rate is 4/5, though there are some grammar errors and weird moments, but who cares, it's still a great mission.
Added by M316 on Jan 09 2022, 05:34
Appreciate it John David, all love my man

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