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[AP] Episode 3- Illegal Forest

By Yasir RFL

(New skins are used and important, please download from link below)
Mods are necessary to run the mission: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i5u398zwu1wsqem/archive.rar/file

"If ya'll having problems with 3rd episode - just skip the cutscene at the beginning. For some of y'all it might be saying "MISSION FAILED" after the first cutscene ends - hope it gets fixed." -Horus Publishing


Kendric MacBeth and Zadok MacBeth are two brothers suffering from hardships to earn money and keep their mother healthy. Whereas their father is a cruel, alcoholic and drug addict. Father relies on his sons for the money and causes domestic violence oftenly. But one day, everything goes upside down for Kendric and Zadok, it is time that they will choose their one ultimate path out of many ways.

More info on Topic- https://gtaforums.com/topic/980922-mp-anxious-power/


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Added by Huzaifa on Mar 21 2022, 10:20
Yeah, you can feel for my man Kendric MacBeth 'Cuz he's TEEN xD
And that old Gary will fucked him up! By the way amazing two parts nice scenario build-up.
Nice use of Cutscenes and specially that base and gang theme.
Impressive work bro! 💯
Added by MonsterHG on Mar 22 2022, 03:19
Wow man that episode are really good!!!
Keep going! 5 starts
Added by Yasir RFL on Mar 22 2022, 10:41
Thank you so much. ;)
More episodes will release soon.
Added by MonsterHG on Mar 22 2022, 12:48
Keep going your work are Good

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