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Noble Cause. Nobel's Ways. [v1.1.1]

By StepanKo101

Update V1.1.1
-Orthography fixes
-Minor gameplay improvements in "Sweet Little Lies"

Update V1.1
*Completely reworked first two intro missions.
-"Introduction" now is: shorter. Less random. Much more complex in terms of cutscenes. Just way more interesting.
-"Investigation" now is: having a little platform episode. Less random. Using lots of props in cutscenes. More interesting too.
-Both missions were made from scratch taking into account my current experience.
*Minor balance changes to gameplay of other missions
*Minor bugfixes

San Andreas state. 1990, June. Alternative history.
State of San Andreas had encountered a new drug, Vexicillin or just Vex. It spreaded around the whole region pretty quickly and started to cause troubles to society. But it's not the worst that will happen to San Andreas... General Alfred Nobel suffered a personal tragedies due to it and wants to have his revenge by any means necessary.

This mission pack is heavily inspired by Max Payne (2001), Operation Flashpoint (2001) and Spec Ops: The Line (2012), so I can describe it as a story of a tragedy of a man in a military setting and with a strong plot (plot took me more than 2 weeks to write and to make it a playable storyline).
In other words, get ready for hard intense action gameplay and mature somewhat phylosofic story. [Contains more than an hour of gameplay]

Made with DYOM 8.1

Archive contains a readme file that is really worth reading.

Полная русификация сторилайна и бонус-миссий будет готова к 25.04.22


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Added by Tay K on May 22 2022, 11:22
bro,this mission is a real master piece no cap,i really loved the way creativity was,like the dead bodies autospy,the story,the objects,i give her a 10/10

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