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The Daytona Anthology Collection

By John Mooth

Arcade Classic Game
This levels was like the XBLA or Arcade Game. This mission was built in December 2018 but it's rebuilded in 2020. John Mooth returns into Arcade to defeat four villains during the big trouble
Keith confirms that they begins the big trouble.

The Kantaris
This is exclusive DLC. Kantaris must be in the mansion in San Fierro, when keith is killed, after 2 years, i am violated, Kantaris are been a corruption and the prostitution.

Under the terms of the LVPD, John becomes a detective working to protect the citizens of Las Venturas against large-scale threats. Working with his mentor, Detective Brad Sindacco, John is investigating a series of terrorist attacks in the city when Brad is falsely arrested, putting the investigation on hold. While trying to uncover the truth behind Brad's arrest, John goes undercover and returns to his life on the streets. Little by little he gets wrapped up in a deadly, widespread conspiracy and must work to prevent a potentially catastrophic attack on the city.

Download the files before you download a mission file:

New Updates:
May 2, 2022 - Patch and bugs fixed, if the original looks bad, it's recommended to download the anthology.
May 6, 2022 - New weapon sounds, flash and animations included in The Daytona Venturas.
May 10, 2022 - Bug Fixes

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John Mooth Profilers, The Daytona and the all related
characters are trademarks of Stefan Productions Inc. Used under license to Rockstar Television.

The BMW M6 and BMW M8 are trademarks and used under license of BMW AG.


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