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[DC#10] Melancholic Farm and Services

By Yasir RFL

Skins and SD are highly recommended to play this mission series!

LSPD is struggling to solve the mystery behind uncountable kidnapping cases, Officer Lorn Lynn wakes up one day and at duty; one mere fluke changes everything. This is a POV story of the cops of how they put this awful environment to an end.

DYOM Contest #10


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May 19 '22


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Added by Keyes on May 01 2022, 00:53
Well done, you made it harder than mine but it was nice to see the cops being the good guys now and it was worth to see the ending. I hope you'll win! K ᕕ༼⌐■-■༽ᕗ
Added by Yasir RFL on May 01 2022, 06:56
Thanks a lot brother, it wasn't that hard but yeah to give a good gameplay I had to make things that way.
I hope you enjoyed.
Added by Tay K on May 01 2022, 18:47
very great and worth to be played, i loved the hard efforts put on, i w'd really love to see it on the pinned missions,you are the best designner here and i hope your missions got pinned it will be great and you deserve that
Added by Yasir RFL on May 01 2022, 19:03
Ah man, that's sweet! Thank you.
Added by Mr.M on May 20 2022, 10:00
congratulations for winning
even people still doubting about it, but i still like the missions and everything about it so i believe you deserve it
Added by Stardust101 on May 21 2022, 04:17
Congrats for winning man. This mission wasn't my favorite of the contest but it was pretty good nonetheless.
Added by Yasir RFL on May 21 2022, 05:52
Thank you so much both. Stardust, it should be your favourite now as I robbed someone :trollface:
Added by Kailojado haddines on May 21 2022, 14:27
Dude how you got it pinned?
Added by Yasir RFL on May 21 2022, 16:15
I won the DYOM Contest and the prize is my mission will get pinned.
Added by Tay K on May 22 2022, 15:31
bro i'm really proud of you ,you made it, your efforts didn't went on vein, from the beginning i knew you will win this, a talented designner like you shouldve been pinned a long time ago :)
Added by AnDReJ98 on Jun 01 2022, 07:29
Pinned for winning DYOM Contest #10!

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