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[MP] GTA SA: A New Tale

By ilikebanana

Hey there everyone! This is a mission pack containing 7 missions which tells a new story about bunch of new characters. Just extract the zip file and you will see each folder has number so you will be able to experience the story in the right way :)

*This is the first chapter of the story and hopefully there will be more!

** Everything is fully English, and no mods are required for the missions, and I personally recommend you not to skip cutscenes since 90% of them are short and you will jump into action pretty fast.

A short paragraph about the story:

"Peter Smith, a long-term robber who is from liberty city has entered los santos for some new opportunities and also staying away from the troubles he made back in there with his three close buddies which are left from him: Barry, Gordon & David. Barry is the head of the group and the one who finds new scores for the team. Peter is the gunner and well of course you are about to play as him.
The first mission starts with a gun deal with Chinese gang."

For the rest of the story, you gotta experience it yourself :)


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