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GTA The Fall of Giovanni Ricci - Part 2

By PodiGTA

It's 2002. Davis Lockett and his brother Kane are looking for a job. Suddenly, they get an offer they can't refuse from the mafia, due to their previous work for Joey Leone.

Will they be able to earn good money? What adventures will they experience? Find it out!


Hi! It is the second part of my first ever uploaded storyline here! I've worked on this storyline for a very long time. Don't forget that you need Liberty City mod and a DYOM fix to play it! Also, please read the "readme" file.

VERY IMPORTANT: Download the "teleport to marker" mod. You're DEFINITELY going to need it, because after each death, you will be spawned in the ocean, far away from LC. Spawn a hunter with the code "ohdude", stand on it and teleport to marker using X and Y keys (you can't teleport while swimming). Weird, but that's the fastest way to get to LC.

Upload date: 22 September 2022.
Update: 4 October 2022.

I hope you enjoy :)


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