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San Andreas Adventures: Los Santos. Full

By Flexive Fowl

Short summary:

The year is 2002, and Los Santos is a well populated city that if full of opportunity. Unfortunately not everyone in Los Santos is enjoying themselves as 28 year old Fredric Jamerson as been forced to undertake deadly tasks for the higher ups in the city. His own mistakes have led to this, and now he must work himself to near death in order to undo his past actions.

Over 60 missions in 3 parts. I really hope you enjoy my storyline.

Check out the thread on the forum for more info about San Andreas Adventures: Los Santos.


Enjoy :)

If you only wish to try the demo, here is the link https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/73143

*Thank you all of 200 downloads*


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Added by masterkill on Jul 11 2023, 16:49
Well the truth is I really liked this SL and I finished it the story was good the missions and I didn't know you were going to finish it all it took you a year hahaha I already considered it canceled xd I congratulate you I hope you do more soon
Added by Flexive Fowl on Jul 18 2023, 08:13
Thank you Masterkill, I appreciate it.
Added by adam8957459345 on Sep 26 2023, 13:41
Added by AnDReJ98 on Mar 19 2024, 01:33
Pinned for winning 'Best DYOM Mission Pack/Storyline' award in DYOM 2023 Awards!
Added by Flexive Fowl on Mar 22 2024, 08:02
Thank you so much
Added by peter kenway on Apr 11 2024, 11:37
Very cool man! Hope u do more storylines!!

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