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DEADSHOT ~ Chapter 3

By GangstaZilla203

San Fierro, 1991...

After spending 10 years in prison on distribution charges, 32 year old Trent Andrews is released. A lot's changed since he's been gone, most of the people he knew are dead. A once feared and respected cocaine dealer, he realizes the game's changed and crack is the "new, hot" drug on the streets, he finds out after meeting up with an old friend. His friend, Jack Callahan, also informs him that the Triads and the Valdez cartel are at war against the Bianchi family and the O'Connor Crew. Jack explains his plan to infiltrate the gangs and cause them to destroy themselves, all while Trent, Jack and their friends build their crack/drugs business.


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Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 17 2023, 01:33
I get an error when editing so I'm just gonna say here that you need DYOM IX and the enterable interiors mod by artginPL to play this.
Added by masterkill on Oct 17 2023, 22:51
Hello, I finished it, the missions were good, I congratulate you, although I have a question, who is Lou?
I hope to see more missions
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 18 2023, 03:18
Thanks man, it's awesome to hear people liking my stories. And Lou is the don or the boss of the Bianchi family. And yeah definitely you will see more missions, because I'm gonna create one more chapter for this MP very soon. It's gonna come out a lot sooner than chapter 3 I can tell you that lol

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