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By RedBaron


It's late 1985, you are Flint Marko, a Soldier for the Sindacco family, you were ordered to go kill Salvatore Leone's cousin who lives by the hills in San Fierro, can you kill the little bastard and get away with murder for the sake of the Cosa Nostra? Do you really have the makings of a varsity athlete? PROVE IT.

Collectibles such as health and armor pickups, and guns, are valuable, try looking for them whenever possible inside the Leone Estate.


Georges Rodi - Night Cry (Intro)
Georges Rodi - Darkside (Mansion)
Tekken 1 - Venezia Theme (Boss Fight)
Driver Parallel Lines - Unknown 1978 Instrumental
Georges Rodi - Waybank
Syntax - Destiny


Weird Opening - GTA SA

VA Work:

RedBaron as Flint Marko, Sindacco Soldier, Cousin Leone.



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Dec 20 '23


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PLAYWalkthroughRedBaronDec 20 2023, 21:23
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PLAYOfficial Gameplay (Mission Of The Year)horus_submissionsJan 23 2024, 09:57
"Official Gameplay (Mission Of The Year)"
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Added by jayshizzo on Dec 21 2023, 19:39
finally, I got to play entire mission and it was decent however here is things to note:
1. I have played so many mansion location missions so it was nothing new to so it's OK.
2.I am not a fan of using wanted levels on the missions because you can just turn it off and cheat because it is sometimes annoying that the cops keep spawning instead of giving you room to escape, I like missions to be full of actor police. The one that that I prefer for me is when it has both the actors and the wanted for ins
Added by jayshizzo on Dec 21 2023, 19:40
for instance this missions :clockwork ninja and my postal series.
3. I like your ending of how you struggled at school while doing this. You are not only going through. I sometimes have to sacrifice my sleep and sometimes I go to work late just because I have to meet the deadline so that guys can enjoy the mission that I created so that being said I hope you take your studies and hopefully you win mission of the year( which is more likely ) Best of luck , merry christmas and happy new year
Added by jayshizzo on Dec 21 2023, 19:41
*Take your studies seriously next year so you can get a job like me.
Added by RedBaron on Dec 22 2023, 20:51
Thanks for the review, yeah i should've put a final escape section with cop actors and the timer to add some challenge.

Thanks, have good holidays too (a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas), yeah i won't be able to do the stunt i did this year in the next one, since it's college, public or private, depends on what happens to me, i seemingly aced the entrance exam, according to my parents, so who knows...
Added by horus_submissions on Dec 23 2023, 08:10
Streak continues! Wrestlemania awaits you :D
Added by Naveed akhtar on Jan 10 2024, 15:33
Huh Did u hire more of ur friends to do shit Hmm i guesss
Added by RedBaron on Jan 22 2024, 00:06
Huh still salty i see! Perhaps because you didn't win anything, but even then, let's face it, even if you scored a MOTW, you still would have lost the MOTY.
Added by RedBaron on Jan 26 2024, 03:20
More context in The Bullet Stopper comment section, where i detail his wrongdoings.
Added by GameStarioni on Mar 02 2024, 14:21
solid 5/5
Added by GameStarioni on Mar 02 2024, 15:44
the music selections too are amazang!! niceeey
Added by Naveed akhtar on Mar 14 2024, 08:22
When the MOTW 241 will start i want to parcitipate?
Added by AnDReJ98 on Mar 19 2024, 01:31
Pinned for winning 'Best DYOM Mission' award in DYOM 2023 Awards!
Added by Greg49 on Apr 26 2024, 11:55
Great mission. Good voice acting, mission design and all but there is only one thing I disliked and it's how before killing Cousin Leone you putted like 20 enemies in the same room in two groups right next to each other. like you didn't give a damn about enemy placement. But still 4,5 out of 5.

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