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Carl's Life: Gang Wars

By Skviki

This is a Carl's Life DLC, let's say.

IMPORTANT!!! VERY!!!!: I have to inform you that almost all of the cutscenes and animations will in fact be hella glitched out. I can't explain why, I just used a DYOM cutscene animations mod and when I lost it, everything, honestly, went downhill, but hey! Atleast you still got this masterpiece of a DLC!

Note: This storyline happens BEFORE Chapter 1.
It's like the Prologue in GTA 5.

SPOILER ALERT!! PLAY THE STORYLINE BEFORE YOU READ THE FOLLOWING, or spoil the whole game to yourself, yourself.

Carl and Parker soon forget about Jarem because of the constant gang wars happening in their hood. Jarem eventually tracks Carl down and makes him suffer, luckily, he didn't kill him. He just wanted to teach him a lesson. After that Parker gets kidnapped by the Ballas and Carl and Jarem had to work together, which was unfortunate for Jarem cause he was still mad at Carl. Eventually after they save him, the pull off the greatest heist in 2 years, and probably the only one.
Lastly Carl decides to meet up with his long lost friend Port, unfortunately for Carl and the rest of the hood, the Ballas raided the house. After Carl finally makes it to his apartment, a Grove Street Member informs him that he moved from East Los Santos to Los Santos. He then refuses to try and find him and worries for Parker and Jarem since they also got kidnapped and he haven't heard from them. Carl at the very end decides to rest at his house, relentlessly thinking about them.

If you made it to here, i have two things to say, you're a loyal fan and you deserve to know this. Don't get too hyped for Chapter 4, even if its the next Carl's Life storyline thats being made. I'm not saying it wont be big, It will! I'm just saying don't expect it in the next week or 2 or so.

anyways enjoy!


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