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What It Means To Be A Gangster(remaster)

By Tay K

this is a remaster of the original mission pack (what it means to be a gangster) made by me, however this is a remaster regarding it, making the whole mp professional with all the flaws fixed and additional and remarkable changes that makes the mp more enjoyable,without forgetting to mention that also the description,art work and the skin were also changed to something professional. and this remaster is made by the pro designer that needs no introduction "@REDBARON" big thanks to him for putting his time on the mp!

What do you think being a gangster looks like? Shooting people? Fighting people? Stealing from others? Or lifting weights to look like a tough guy? Nun' of those reasons make you a straight up gangster, you got to know what a real gangster is, a real one will help others, and protect the innocent, but black people are always those whom we suspect, those are the ones that get cast all the blame on, so the thing they found on this world are doing crimes to gain some food and money to live, at least that's what they thought in the 90's.
This mission sensitivizes teenagers to avoid becoming a criminal in the future and focus on their grind, whether they involve scholarships or not.

link of the mp:


RedBaron,TAY K


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Mar 10 '24


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Added by RedBaron on Jan 28 2024, 23:16
Very underrated MP, glad i gave it the remaster treatment, it deserved it.
Added by Tay K on Jan 29 2024, 18:54
never gonna thank you enough homie, you really took it to a whole other level :)
Added by AlexKing5467 on Feb 02 2024, 12:07
After the previous banger my homie is back again!! After playing your normal what it means to be a gangster MP, this is all what I need, great series ,both of them.
Added by AlexKing5467 on Feb 02 2024, 12:09
What a coincidence I have also just uploaded my new series, Rage of Shadows, give it a try homie ;)
Added by Tay K on Feb 02 2024, 22:59
thank you man, your comment means a lot, i will check your series as well homie!
Added by 69Cent on Mar 27 2024, 21:15
A classic hood MP, keep it up Tay K
Added by Tay K on Mar 30 2024, 17:29
Thanks 69 cent, i appreciate your commentt fr fr, keep up the good work as well

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