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[CG:TS] O8 - The Finale

By RedBaron

Final entry of Chain Game: The Second MP, link to GTAForums thread here: https://gtaforums.com/topic/993433-dyom-the-chain-game-the-second/

For the previous entries, check these links below!

Part 1 by RedBaron: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/85358
Part 2 by chat: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/85360
Part 3 by Remus Riddle: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/85365
Part 4 by daniodanio: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/86437
Part 5 by Stardust101: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/87165
Part 6 by AybanTheMan: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/87185
Part 7 by Tix & RB: https://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/87265

Stay tuned for the Blackmore Collection for extra Oneirophrenia goodies! (Courtesy of RedBaron and GameBag)


Story: An old friend, turned out to be his arch-nemesis, whom has done irreparable damage to his family. Angered and determined to end the wicked plots of Moreau, he travels to Nice, in France, with the help of Dubois, his interpol contact from the France Division, Saint-Mont-Moreau will be a burial ground for all involved in Alan's Deception.

The Saint-Mont-Moreau is full of secrets, which means Guns and Supplies, must be scattered around it!


Kelley, Zmaj - New SWMYST
Crackeren - Claude Speed New Suit Combine
RedBaron - Super Balla, Super Vago, Super Inferior


Driv3r - Nice Explore at Day
Max Payne 2 - Vladimir: The Enemy, The Betrayal, The Inner Circle
House Of The Dead 2 - Theme of The Magician
Silent Hill 2 - Angel's Thanatos
House of The Dead 2 - Theme of The Emperor
X-Men Legends - Morlock Tunnels 1 (Action)
This is Menace - Cover Girl Monument
House of The Dead 2 - Credits Theme (Rogan Ending)


Silent Hill 2 - Item Collected
Spent200Quid4Mic - Putting object on table sound effect
Sound Effect for editing - Secret Pathway Door Open (Stone Wall)
Rockstar - System Shutdown
Rockstar - Electro

Voice Acting:

RedBaron as Alan, Dubois, John, Super Balla, Super Vago.

PlayHT VAs:
Rino Romano (AI Voice Model by me) as Zackary Moreau

YOU NEED AUDIOFX V2.0 BY SIZZ AND OPEN LIMIT ADJUSTER (Both are included in the mission archive)!


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Added by Stardust101 on Feb 11 2024, 13:26
Added by RedBaron on Feb 11 2024, 13:38
Thank you, my friend!
Added by Danio on Feb 11 2024, 16:41
Chain Game 2.0 is over, and what a journey it was. It's great when the final mission is the best. RedBarron did what he does best.
Thank you to everyone who played part in this. See you on the next andventure!
5/5 Baby
Added by Tix on Feb 11 2024, 18:20
Happy that I joined in this chain game
What a journey it was
and a great finale to end it on a good note!
Added by horus_submissions on Feb 12 2024, 07:24
Well.. I didn't record this part. Meh. I would need to record it again soon you did it too late. I thought that part 7 was the end. Oh well.
Added by horus_submissions on Feb 12 2024, 09:20
Replace the mission trailer today on the 1st one I re-recorded it for the 5th time.. If I would fail the run I wouldn't record it anymore. I hate how you did a big gap between 7th part and 8th part so it appeared as soon as i uploaded the previous trailer. But its ok
Added by RedBaron on Feb 12 2024, 14:54
Ok, i'll do it, just make sure to install the O6 update mod to Patch the flight boss fight, it's in the blackmore collection page.
Added by RedBaron on Feb 12 2024, 14:54
By the way, i'll put your video there.
Added by horus_submissions on Feb 12 2024, 18:49
Oh dang I didn't install the patch you told me to. But still I've beaten it without the patch. What did it change?
Added by RedBaron on Feb 13 2024, 17:31
It allowed you and victoria to have a proper dogfight with the helicopters. Also, weirdly enough, you got stuck on the 1st floor of the castle for no proper reason whatsoever, have you checked if you had silentpatch installed at the time and if you had framerate limiter on?
Added by cheseg remastered on Feb 20 2024, 01:58
Just took The Same Amount of time to Finish this insanity as for me to get Back to School LOL At least Is a Good Mission pack Respect+ Mission passed For now.....

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