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[DC#12] Anarchy Road

By zekotron

Welcome to Anarchy Road.

This is a spin-off from my previous contest entry Lunar Soul. It follows two characters - Sean and Valerie, before they meet engineer James Morgan.

They are stranded in the ruins of Las Venturas and are in a midst of a conflict against a vengeful Gregory Baines, who seeks to impress his boss Malcolm Morrison and avenge his daughter's death.

Find out what happens.

NOTE: It is recommended that you do not use any other mods with the ones provided in the archive file, as it may cause unwarranted behavior.


Skins, Textures & Animations:
M316 - for the skins and the guns used in the missions. This contest entry wouldn't be possible without him!
Mikul - for the skins used in the missions
Gedimas - for the animations used in the missions
Matihuano - for the shotgun animation used in the missions
SIZZZ - for the AudioFX and Darkness mods used in the missions

Perturbator - for the music used in the missions
Carpenter Brut - for the music used in the missions
Avery Alexander - for the music used in the missions


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May 24 '24


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PLAYAnarchy Road - Walkthroughhorus_submissionsMay 19 2024, 10:43
"Anarchy Road - Walkthrough"
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Added by horus_submissions on May 16 2024, 07:05
I'll get into it in a bit
Added by horus_submissions on May 16 2024, 09:11
Definetely the best one, better than Baron's! I liked the final boss fight with the jetpack, everything seems really, really polished. You two had great entries and if contest happens - this is the better production in my opinion however Baron's good too! And you even managed to make walking sound in the exact tempo in the cutscene! 5/5
Added by horus_submissions on May 16 2024, 09:12
Next time, attach PDF because i couldn't open it and opening Word Online sometimes is pain in the ass

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