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Life of a Mobster - Ch1,2,3

By PatrickXM

Hello, guys and welcome to my first mission pack! All the missions are connected together and help in creating the storyline! The mission pack is still in progress and more chapters will come as soon as I will finish them. I hope you'll like my mission pack and enjoy playing it!

STORY: Lance Henderson comes back in Los Santos after a business trip in Vice City. He and his allies from the clan he is part of plan to make a big hit and rob the Los Santos bank. Lance and the mafia manage to steal very much money, after killing many people that had to be witnesses. The police department start a hard investigation and start looking for the mobsters who robbed the bank. At some time his brother, James Henderson discover his brothers' actions, being very shocked. In this case Lance make a proposition for James to join the clan. James has to make a decision: remain at poverty and live the same boring life or join the clan Lance is part of knowing the whole police department is after them.

More details about the mission pack can be seen at its GTAForum topic ==> https://gtaforums.com/topic/998032-life-of-a-mobster-dyom-mission-pack/


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Added by horus_submissions on Jul 18 2024, 20:54
Great I might play it someday

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