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Perfidy (DYOM Contest Winner!)

By Chimpso

Winner of the forth DYOM Contest: Exiting Storyline!

This is the second mission pack that I am releasing for the 4th DYOM contest. It contains 5 missions.


Byron was working for the man know as "Mr. Tentus", one of the (or perhaps the) most powerful crime bosses in Las Venturas, rising to be his second in command. When Byron's wife was due to have her baby however, Byron asked Mr. Tentus if he could leave for a short time to be with his family. Tentus told Byron that if he decided to leave, he must leave a life of crime behind and never come back to his organisation. Byron aggreed.

But a few weeks later, his wife left, taking their baby girl with her. A month after leaving Tentus' organisation, Tentus done something that altered Byron's life forever. Now he has to enlist the help of his younger cousin, Ray and his sister Cassidy, to help finish Mr. Tentus' perfidy once and for all.


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Oct 16 '11


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Added by Alcatraz123 on Apr 15 2012, 22:59
I Need The Versions Of This DYOM..PLEASE COMMENTS!
Added by bitan1997 on Jul 14 2012, 05:28
u r genius
Added by YiNiX on Aug 27 2012, 14:15
A lot of game mistakes, text mistakes too and at all i'll give you three stars, this should be better it's winner of contest.
Added by AvOn1394 on Aug 28 2012, 13:34
I didn't understand the story lol
Added by bitan1997 on Sep 03 2012, 14:03
are u in facebook
Added by Aviral on Sep 06 2012, 19:23
cool cutscenes.
Added by Chimpso on Sep 21 2012, 14:08

Wow, when did this get pinned?
Added by kim hee wook on Nov 30 2012, 20:18
me to man i don't understand lolz and LOL :3)
Added by lanzer on Dec 23 2012, 19:10
verry boooooooooring and small missions
Added by CJ Roxxx on Jan 02 2013, 15:31
Added by King on Feb 08 2013, 15:09
Very good mission
Added by Gamelord on May 02 2013, 11:54
Ah...the missions were average.
Added by ramonce09 on May 23 2013, 07:45
Emotional, Short but great, Almost cried at Ending
4 stars
Added by deepanshu on May 29 2013, 11:06
i just cant loaad your mission it just dosent loads.
Added by chiheb khaled on Sep 01 2013, 18:57
man i like that good work
Added by Dhiman on Sep 06 2013, 15:46
checkout my new dyom mission pack=''the serial killer'', took too long time and a lot of hardwork.....i am sure you like it..:)
Added by CoalMan11 on Nov 30 2013, 13:52
the coolest mission in the world :)
Added by Dragorise!! on Jan 13 2014, 13:19
Its the best and chalengging mission ever,thanks dude (sorry for my bad english) :)
Added by cjsanandreas on Jul 01 2014, 18:16
how can i play these missions ???
Added by Lenivan X on Jan 27 2015, 11:58
Good missions, but not up to the mark, no disrespect!
Added by Sinaxo on Jun 26 2015, 16:56
My favorite mission was the first mission!
Added by Arslan on Aug 06 2015, 06:49
friends please take a look on my mission..
Added by Arslan on Aug 06 2015, 06:49
The end of line by Arslan
Added by Woodman on Dec 05 2015, 08:10
Cool missions, man Good luck!
Added by kadi younes on Sep 18 2016, 21:01
Thank you . No , this is my first account
Added by ShIvRaJ SiNgH on Jun 12 2017, 09:17
booooooooooring mission
Added by MechaAnimate on Aug 01 2017, 01:55
This looks cool might aswell try it out!
Added by Johan Yesuroon on Oct 05 2017, 05:17
This is very short.
Added by Arthur on Oct 06 2017, 18:56
I'll give this a 3/5
Missions were good, however sometimes the cutscenes took up more of the missions than the mission itself. Also minor mistakes with text and actors not being hidden.
Added by GuerreroX on Dec 25 2017, 16:14
The first pinned mission...4/5 cuz having some mistakes
Added by Yodesz on Jul 07 2018, 10:30
How you made Objective from a normal Actor?
Added by SkyGTA_User on Jul 14 2018, 09:52
It's great! I really think that you made this mission TOO FAST, that can explain why it has so many mistakes, but it's OKAY! I really want you to update this mission and fix all of that cutscene positions and texts...
Added by mandeep nyol on Nov 04 2019, 13:39
Added by صاصا on Feb 15 2022, 12:24
WOW this mission is very good
Added by jolean on Jul 28 2022, 17:47

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