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How to create better dialogues - AvOn1394

By AvOn1394

Welcome to this tutorial!
In this, i will teach you how to create better dialogues through cutscenes, timeouts and color codes.

I: How long dialogues should start
First of all, a dialogue may start (notice may, you can start it with a timeout instead) using a cutscene.
Dialogues usually last for 5-10 seconds depending on how long the actors' speeches are.
I make dialogues last usually 7 or 5 seconds.

II: How the camera is facing the actor
To give the actors a "thrilling" view, the camera should face the actor very near or sideways.
To give them a regular view face the camera in such a way that it can see the torso, but not the legs.

III: How to write a very good dialogue
Dialogues are more effective when there are plenty of actors the camera is facing at, and you don't know who's saying the speeches.
I write dialogues using this code:

(~b~(r if he/she is an enemy, g if he/she is a friend and y if he/she is neutral.)Actor's Name Here~w~)
Dialogue here

If in case you didn't understand, here's an example

(~r~Terrorist~w~) Get down here, you fool!

In case you don't know, those ~ are codes which you can use to color the words.
To color the word "CJ" blue, here is the code


I did say the word "CJ" ONLY, right?
If you want all words colored blue, remove the ~w~

Here is an example of making words with different colors


If you want to add more words add another tag and if you want the next words to become white just add ~w~

Here are the most common colors i use:

~g~: Green
~w~: White (Default color)
~b~: Blue
~y~: Yellow
~p~: Pink

There are lots more, but i don't use them.

IV: Finishing your dialogue
Checking should be done after finishing the dialogues.
Here is an example of a cutscene dialogue:

Camera facing quite near and sideways at the actor
Length: 6 seconds
Text: (~b~CJ~w~) You'll be the first one i'll get, watch your back, kid.

Thanks for reading my tutorial.
I'll make a mission about this soon.


Sep 10 '12
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