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How to make a video trailer for your mission?

By TakerLIVE

Now this time my topic is How to make a video trailer for your mission
This is a topic which does not mean a lot for most of the people, but at least those who want to make video trailers for either theirs or some else's mission should see this mission. Afterall these days the missions or storylines with video trailers are listed on the homepage of the DYOM website!
So lets start with the steps:-

1> The first thing you need to do is decide the mission or storyline for which you will make the trailer.

2> Now for making the video trailer you need to have the basic idea of what that mission is actually about and things like. (you need not to worry if the mission is yours but for someone else's mission you first need to know the mission)

3> Now it's time that your create the mission trailer, you may use any good video capturing software or even a actual video camera and shoot the whole mission at once.
I recommend you to use lite-CAM or see the website http://download.cnet.com for good video capturing software. OR if you want to use a camera then use a good camera with higher MPs.

4> After you have shot the whole mission's video as I told, you need a good video editing software for taking up good scenes to make the trailer. You may use VideoPad editor or Windows Movie Maker (you can get it at http://download.cnet.com)

5> If you have now cut the important scenes for you trailer you must join them together in sequence as you want. You may add subtitles to the video, background musics to it, or even voice the dialogues down for quality!

6> And then when you have created the video trailer for the mission you may add some effects or two, but don't add too much of effects as it ruins the video!

7> Now when you have created the video you may want to save it (save it in the best format available) *In Windows movie maker you can upload the video to Youtube right from there but it isn't recommended by me

8> Well you have saved your video trailer in the best available format and are ready to upload it to youtube. If you have fast Internet (more than 1mbps then you can try to upload that video only but still it would not be a very great experience) So now what you have to do is convert the video to any other format with a bit reduced quality as it depends on you. For converting the video you may use any good video converter but I tell to use Format Factory or Full Video Converter which you can download from the site I mentioned before in the tutorial.

9> Well now you have converted your Mission Video trailer into a different format and as I think you may now go on to upload it to Youtube or any site like that but if you are taking my suggestions then please upload it on http://youtube.com

10> If its your mission then you may upload the trailer and if someone else's may make the trailer proposal and then thats it!

Hope you understood the tutorial!
by TakerLIVE


Sep 19 '12
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Sep 19 '12


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