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Making a Mission Very Realistic

By Saqib Khan Afridi

Many People wants to make their missions very realistic. it is not very difficult but needs
a little care. so here is a tutorial that will teach you how to create a mission which will not famous like 'The last enemy that shall be Destroyed' but i tell you that it will be 70% More
Brilliant then it.
Lets Start
Allow me to Create a War mission

First of all i will need soldiers
i will open internet and will open Google in Google i will type GTA -SA Army Models , the Resulting Sites will be more but you only select GTAINSIDE heres you will download army models about 4 or 5 or any other amount that you needs.
when done download IMG-Manager from XSqUare
when done open Img-Manager and Open GTA-3.img Click on 'edit' and click on 'Bulk Replace' if some of your Models were not been found in the IMG-Manager go to the folder where you extracted these models (army.txd,army.dff,Swat.txd...) if there are 2 models of army model rename to any gta caracter (.i.e Ryder.txd,Ryder.dff,Cesar.txd,...)
and then again Use Bulk Replace process. when all of your characters were imported click on 'edit' and select 'Rebuild Archive' it might take about 5 minutes to complete.
in this way you can also Replace Helicopters,Cars,Actors,etc
Open GTASA.exe and Enjoy New Characters and Realistic Mission!
if anyone who dont understand it report me at my Profile i know it 100% i will teach you via a video tutorial.


Oct 06 '13
Last Update
Oct 06 '13


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