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How to Make Mines in DYOM!!

By Dyom123

Hi Everyone !
Today I'm gonna show you how to make mines in Dyom Gta San Andreas.
I°/- Without Cutscene

Step1- Choose a place to put the mine .
Step2- Add an actor walking across the place and make him Neutral (put him near the place).
Step3- Make a time out with some seconds (arround 2-3 seconds) to make the mine explodes when the actor walks over it (More Realistic).
Step4- Place an explosive under the ground (under the chosen place).
And If you want to make it more exciting make a cutscene showing that.

II°/- With Cutscene

Step1- Choose a place to make the mine
Step2- Make an actor walking through the place
Step3- Make a cutscene following the actor (not recommanded) with a few seconds, you can select it via the tradition of actor. (walk on the routepoints)
Step4- Then, place an explosive and put it under the chosen place (not recommanded)
Step5- Make a cutscene showing the place of the explosion.

And here's the result 1 (without cutscene) : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/29304

The result 2 (with cutscene) : http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/29305

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Dec 18 '13
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Dec 19 '13


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