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DYOM tips

By Ryder794

In this tutorial I will learn you 5 tips.
1.How to do a drive by as passenger.
-Create a Special Player Objective->Teleport to car,then select Seat Selection->Front Passenger,then select Drive-by->Yes.
-Create an actor with animation Enter nearest vehicle as Driver.Then select a route for him.
-Create some enemies in cars,and select the route ,,Attack Player''.

2.How to do a race mission.
-First,put a checkpoint at the place were the race is.
-Then,create actors in cars,and select a route for them(the race track).
-Put a Countdown
-Put Race Checkpoints along the track
-Put more objects(ramps,fire) for more adrenaline
-At the end of the track put a neutral actor,and select MUST SURVIVE(if a opponent finishes the race,he will kill the actor and you will fail the mission)
-Hide the neutral actor after the last checkpoint.

3.How to create nice dialogs without cutscene
-Do a Time-out with duration 3-7 seconds.
-Write in text-box : +g+Ryder+w+:Fuck you CJ.
+y+CJ+w+:Fuck you Ryder (just an example)

+g+ = green
+r+ = red
+y+ = yellow
+w+ = white
+l+ = black
+b+ = blue
+h+ = make the color erased


Jan 24 '14
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Jan 24 '14


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