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Make a simple war/ shooting mission

By bara84124

Well, this is my first tutorial. If there's any mistake it's normal, sorry -,-
Alright, i like and a mission designer about gunshot so i think it would be good if i make a tutorial about how to make a shooting mission
it's simple, this is the step
1. make a theme
is it a soldier war (like a US vs Russia, or SAS vs KGB) or,
is it a gang war (Groove St. vs Ballas) or,
is it about mafia (just like Groove and Ballas but different actors) or something else in your idea

2. Choose who is your ally and enemy
if you choose become a Groove street, it would be good if your player is CJ, Sweet, or the other main character, and your ally is Groove St. Family, and about the enemy its up to you. It can be Groove St. attacked by army or Groove St. invade Vagos terrytori

3. Objective
the objective eh.., ofcourse killing your enemy, but remember you can't just type "kill that man" or "kill that soldier", its too simple. it would be nice if you set like this "Incoming Ballas! Clear em up." or "Eliminate the mafia family that kill your brother!". you know the different right

4. Opening and Closing
When i make a mission, usually i use the "cutscene objective". it will look like your mission has a story inside it. for example :
the cutscene showing a place, time and date. for example "Area 69, August 17 1945"
and for the closing i sometimes use "timeout objective". For example "you did it. The Ballas are retreating, you defend your home."

5. Weapon and vehicle
if you got the theme, so you know the weapon or vehicle to use right? for example the theme is military, The weapon is maybe M4, or sniper rifle, MP5, pistol thats the common. and the vehicle would be good if it's humvee, rhino, barracks, or tan/green colored mesa

I think its enough :D
happy shooting happy killing (remember, shoot people in game, and not real life :p )
Gusti mberkahi


Jan 26 '14
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Jan 26 '14


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