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How to make a Great Cops Mission

By Jethro

1.Make sure you put alot of Objects that cover the Enemy

2.Make sure the Enemy Crouch in the Objects

3.Make Army,FBI,Cops Or Swat As your Player and as your Follower

4.Add Pickup (Armour,Health and Weapons) infront of you,left of you,right of you or back of you

5.Add Objective (Cutscenes,Marker and Enemy Boss or Pickup)
Pickup:if you want to recover the Green Goo or Anything Else
Enemy Boss: Assasinate them

6.Make A Cool Style
E.G. = (William) Drop The Bomb. (then you drive to the Marker) when The Enemy reach the Bomb it Explode.
(Explode can be found in Objects)

7.(You Know What To Do)


Feb 23 '14
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Feb 23 '14


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